Ground zero is about getting people to build from a place that is their ground zero where they are stuck in life, to building a life where they have no limits.
This may be where you are starting again fresh, building a new you, or getting past a sticking point in your life and getting your confidence back. 
Helping people achieve new challenges no matter how small or big is what we love to do,
and have a passion for.
Taking people past their perceived limits can be life changing. If we can get your mind right everything else will fall into place I can promise you that, I can help you with your mind, fitness and nutrition.

Well here is abit about me, my name is Andrew Phillips and im 37 years old.
I’m an ultra runner and an all around fitness guy who’s been involved in every aspect of fitness from golf, triathlons, swimming, trail and road races, CrossFit and strength training. 

I suffered with anxiety from a young age for roughly about 20+ years from as far back as primary school. 
7 years ago I had a total mental break down to the point I couldn’t leave the house and if I did I couldn’t leave praa sands where I lived, where this went on for a good 6 months.
This was only a small part of what I went through, getting back out into the real world was the hardest challenge almost like climbing a mountain that never ended. 
This journey wasn’t done alone I also needed my own coach to get me through it, and this is what I would like to give back to people because recovery can sometimes be a long road back. 
I was also stuck in a domestic abusive relationship which made everything so much worse as I was completely trapped.

There is so much I could go into but I just want to give you a brief indication about me, but this is something I’m more then happy to speak to people about if they were interested or if they think it could help them. 

I did make a complete full recovery to being able to run a 44 mile trail ultra marathon and taking up CrossFit to now being happily married with my new wife Sophie.

My aim now is to bring people back to a better place mentally and also physically, through physical fitness and mental health talks and showing people how their mind really works so the can have more freedom to live the life they want.

''Andrew is a passionate individual with drive and willpower, he has helped me understand how to view things from a different persepctive going forward''

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